Since the relaunch of our online store in late 2014, getting a rewards system in place was high up on our product roadmap. We spent a good deal of 2016 planning for launch, and rolled this system out under the radar in November.

Now that it's been up and running for a few months, it's time to officially announce our rewards program!

Earning Mezco Rewards points for your new purchases is simple and easy:

  • Create an account and/or sign in before adding items to your cart
  • Apply earned rewards points towards future purchases for up to 100% off!

The only caveat:

You must be signed in to your Mezco Toyz account while you shop our store in order to be eligible for rewards

Here are two helpful links that provide more information on Mezco Rewards:

Note that rewards points are not retroactive, so any orders placed before December 2016 won't qualify for Mezco rewards.

We're really excited to give back to the collectors who support our products, as well as provide a way to help them build their collections faster.

Visit and log into your ac to start earning Mezco rewards today!

~ Michael