From the funeral sky she descends, from the darkness she arrives. A fan favorite and grail doll to legions, this summer sees the Resurrection of Rain.

Continuing in our single Doll Resurrection series, Rain was an easy choice for us when it came time to develop another beloved character for this deluxe edition. Rain is such a personal doll that we wanted to stay true to the characters original concept, while still giving her an updated look. She comes cloaked in a simple gown with feathery wings of ghostly white. Upon her head sits a crown of thorns leaving marks of the pain she endured streaming down her forehead and crimson tears that leak from her glass-like eyes.

This is the first time any variation has been made of Rain. She is one of the most sought after Living Dead Dolls ever produced. Here is your chance to own her Resurrected. Don't miss out!

The doll will be up for pre-order here starting June 8, 2016 as well as for sale at our booth at San Diego Comic Con.

~ Damien

Living Dead Dolls 2016 Convention Exclusive Rain