Winter may be ending for some, but we already have our sights set on Autumn. With Living Dead Dolls Series 32 we take a look back at the vintage years of Halloween with its paper cut-out decorations and hand made masks. We visit a time when black cats, witches and ghosts were in their infancy celebrating the holiday. When ghouls and devils had a limited color palate and kids had to find stuff to make their own costumes.

In the past we have done our share paying homage to the 'Season of the Dead' and with our upcoming 32nd series we once again visit October 31st. This time we challenged ourselves with the simplicity of the era while still capturing the essence of Living Dead Dolls in a look and style that is different then most other dolls we have done.

So stick with us as we show you some treats and a few tricks as we get closer to unveiling Living Dead Dolls Series 32.

~ Damien

Living Dead Dolls Series 32 Teaser