Ah, love...ain't it grand? Or is it mad? Well, in this case at least, it may very well be. Mad that is.

Let me paint a picture for you: a beautiful girl, successful career, everything going for her. And she throws it all away for a psychopathic funnyman. Yeah, ladies, we've been there before. But in the case of Harley Quinn, perhaps she took it a little too far?

Celebrating the fan favorite "Mad Love" story line from both the comics and the animated series, our Convention Exclusive Mad Love Mez-itz bring a little of that much adored story right to your own mad little world. Featuring Harley Quinn and of course, her homicidal honey, the Joker, you are free to pose them or act out any of your favorite scenes from this infamous love story. They won't mind; they'll be too busy plotting while your back is turned.

Love — it stirs a little madness in us all.

The set will be up for pre-order here starting June 8, 2016 as well as for sale at our booth at San Diego Comic Con.

~ Lacey

Mez-itz Mad Love 2016  Con Exclusive