It is with great sadness that we mourn the passing of our friend and freelance photographer, Marc Witz. Marc had been working with us since December of 2015 and passed away unexpectedly last week.

Not only an incredibly talented photographer, Marc was also the nicest and most genuine soul you could ever encounter. He was as fiercely dedicated to his clients as he was to his friends. He wouldn't just give you the shirt off his back, he'd give you his entire wardrobe!
Marc also had a deep love and respect for animals, often showing off photos of his two cats like a proud father.

A unique talent with a passion for toys and comics, Marc saw the product he photographed cinematically and imbued each piece with a spark of life that was solely unique to himself. He was a true storyteller behind the camera's lens.

We are all privileged for the time we had with him, he left us far too soon.

Rest In Peace.

If you want to see some of Marc's incredible work go check out his Facebook page as well as the fantastic product shoots on the Mezco site.

Remembering Marc Witz

One:12 Collective Star Trek by Marc Witz

Chucky and Tiffany by Marc Witz

Chucky by Marc Witz

Hellraiser III Pinhead by Marc Witz

One:12 Collective Frankenstein by Marc Witz

One:12 Collective Green Arrow by Marc Witz

One:12 Collective Captain America by Marc Witz