Back in 2004 we began developing product based on the Edward Scissorhands film, starting with translating the film's iconic characters onto our original Mez-itz figure platform.

Having come packaged in a boxed set format, with some beautifully designed package art mimicking the original poster art for the film, the four figures comprising this set was released in 2005.

The figure prototypes were developed by Joshua Sutton of ERA Sculpture, who brilliantly brought these characters to life with the perfect blend of caricature and stylization on such this small 3" scale.

The set featured a few cool points of interest, the first being the figures having been housed in a blister within the package that was frosted clear and featured spray applications to look like falling snowflakes. Of most importance here, though, was that this set marks the first official release of Vincent Price's likeness in toy product—here as the Inventor that is the creator/father-figure to Edward.

In addition to the Mez-itz, three versions of a stylized figure of Edward was released in 2005 and then also a figure of the Inventor was released in 2006 as a San Diego Comic Con exclusive—but, we'll talk about those another time.

These original Mez-itz may have been small in stature, but at every stage of development and production we tried to pack in as much love and care as possible—all of us being big fans of the film and Burton's work in general!

We've dug through the archives and put together some photos for your viewing pleasure, so scroll on below and enjoy this look back at some classic Mezco product!

~ John

Edward Scissorhands Mez-Itz by Mezco Toyz

Edward Scissorhands Mez-Itz by Mezco Toyz