By Collectors For Collectors.

By Collectors For Collectors.

There I said it, or more to the point – wrote it. I am hoping our product over the years has been conveying this sentiment on it's own. This is Mezco's new blog; we'll focus on exclusive content, first looks, behind the scenes and instructions to some items that might warrant it as well as articles from myself and some of our friends.

So lets start this off with something we are all pretty damn proud of here, our One:12 Collective - Dawn Of Justice teaser.

A note to those who aren't familiar with our One:12 Collective brand: these are fully articulated (over 35 points of articulation) 1:12 scaled figures (approximately 6") with cloth costuming, built on our One:12 Collective designed bodies and presented at a collectible grade usually only found in 1:6 scale figures.

Pre-order Batman and Superman now from the Mezco store.


~ Mez