Crypto-Cog Tutorial

Crypto-Cog Tutorial

If you're here, you must be one of the cunning collectors that curated a Crypto-Cog - congrats!

You're likely wondering how the heck that thingamajig works, and we're here to show you.

You'll be receiving some codes throughout the year from Ol' Sluggo and your current return on investment is looking great! Simply follow the instructions below to decipher codes correctly - they can unlock some pretty sweet deals!

Keep on reading for a how-to!

After removing Slugfest's Crypto-Cog from its box, you'll notice there are 2 sets of a letters, A - Z, and 1 set of numbers, 0 - 25. Set your Crypto-Cog to the specified key (number) and match the letters on the smaller, rotating circle to the letters on the bigger, outer circle.

Let's do a trial message by deciphering this code: KEY=20 // O-V-T-M-G. First, set the key which in this case, is 20. Make sure you can see the number 20 in the small cutout on the inner, rotating circle. From there, you will be able to easily decode the remainder of the message.

If you spelled GOMEZ, nice work! If not, go ahead and try again. Remember, you must decode the correct message to gain access to the latest bonus. After you give it a few attempts, you'll get the hang of it!

Once you've got your code deciphered, simply enter it in the Promo Code box in your cart:

Then hit APPLY and voilà!

In the event of a super-sweet deal like B3GO, the same steps apply - just make sure you have a quantity of 4 in your cart!

Keep an eye out on the email linked to your Mezco account if you purchased a Toyz Chest or a Crypto Cog. Trust us, you won't want to miss out on what's to come!