Customizer's Corner Vol. 6

Customizer's Corner Vol. 6

Welcome back to Customizer's Corner - an intermittent highlight of the creativity and originality of the collectible community! This week, we're gettin' artsy with the one and only - Vapor!

You may know Vapor as the street art maverick that turns the mundane into masterpieces but in this edition of Customizer's Corner, Vapor's takin' on a bunch of a new looks! From rock bands to mini-golf, there's nothin' this guy can't do!

Scroll on to check out Vapor's dope new looks, styled by Sahlan, Zach, Max, Chris, Mitchell and Juan!

Name: Sahlan (@78pts.of.articulation)
Location: Indonesia
Inspiration: I wanted to do a lil' spin on a horror classic. The idea of the OG Vapor makin' his monster with Vapor Burner seemed spot on. "HE'S ALIVE!"

Name: Zach (@sequential_plastic)
Location: Kansas, US
Inspiration: The idea behind this photo was basically just wanting to show off Jackie as I’ve never seen him before: rocking out! The first time I saw this face sculpt it immediately reminded me of a metal guitarist with a contorted face as he’s laying down a nasty riff, so I strapped The Crow’s guitar on him and let him rip!

Name: Max (@maxfisch3r)
Location: Canada
Inspiration: Hands down my figure of the year. His expressive head sculpts never cease inspire. Even with a mask obscuring half his face you can feel his rage.

Name: Chris (@notabirdnotaplanephotography)
Location: Florida, US
Inspiration: The inspiration for this came from a guy, you have featured a couple times I believe, on Instagram @vonny_rotten. He did a racing car photo and I thought it was so amazing that I wanted to join the race. So I built this car and the haystacks and made it look like it was part of the race.

Name: Mitchell (@vonny_rotten)
Location: Washington, US
Inspiration: I had thought of an idea to do a Putt Putt shot and was considering making a windmill. I figured, invariably, people would've commented something about Happy Gilmore, so I decided to see if I could even make something close and was fairly happy with the result. Not screen-accurate but I think it’s a decent enough homage.

Name: Juan (
Location: Florida
Inspiration: This shot is from back in the summer of 2021. We had just gotten Hazard Commander Gomez a few months before when I took this picture, and together with other Rumble Society members like Baron Bends and Doc Nocturnal I was putting together a team with a sort of a Pulp Comic vibe to fight against the BSDB, and I remember thinking to myself, "Well the team could probably use a mechanic and I've got this extra Vapor laying around. He could work." And he certainly did. There's something about Vapor and vintage-looking fits that just feels right. Wish Jackie Vaporoni had come out back then, he would've been perfect.

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