Customizer's Corner Vol. 7

Customizer's Corner Vol. 7

Welcome back to Customizer's Corner - an intermittent highlight of the creativity and originality of the collectible community! This week, we're diving headfirst into the pit with the Pink Skulls Chaos Club! πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€

Join us as we journey through the neon-lit streets and back alleys, the Chaos Club's playground. From pompadours to leather jackets, tattoos to piercings, these hyper-posable, super-spastic deviations of articulation are ready to rock your world. 🀘

Buckle up, boys! Things are about to get wild! Check out how Elliot, Gabriel, Christian, & Jeremy showcase their unique styles.

Name: Elliot (@figures_and_photography)
Location: England
Inspiration: From the first moment I saw the PSCC they instantly reminded me of a 50's Rock'n'Roll 'Grease-esque' gang vibe and I KNEW at that moment they needed to be rocking those slick black pompadour hairdos. Each different hairstyle gives each Pink Skull his own identity.

Name: Gabriel (@gbalda)
Location: New York, US
Inspiration: For this project, I wanted to create a Christmas-themed picture with the Rumble Society, inspired by the Voltron Force. I crafted a Reindeer spaceship out of cardboard, using a Mez-itz as an energy source and adding a small Christmas tree for the holiday spirit. Each Rumble Society member pilots a festive Reindeer: Nemo became Red, Pink Skull Pink, Vapor Blue, Gomez Yellow, and Canon-Krig Green. Together, they form Meztron, a defender of the universe!

Name: Christian (@c_pow3rs)
Location: South Carolina, US
Inspiration: I wanted to see the pink skulls in space so I popped the Gomez necks off and replaced them with pink skull necks. I wanted them to have individuality also so I bought different jackets, hats, and shirts for them. Lastly, I didn't have any space diorama pieces so I used a baking sheet as the background with a light shining through it; the stove top is black and reflective so I figured that'd work as well for the ground. I'm pretty happy with the final result and glad I found ways to make it work.

Name: Jeremy (@mythiccustoms)
Location: Rhode Island, US
Inspiration: I created this "Pink Skulls Baseball Fury" after seeing similar character art on the side of the Bodega Box set. The PSCC dressed as the Baseball Furies from The Warriors was too good an idea not to explore, so I modified a uniform from a Mezco Warriors set and repainted the back with the "Skulls" logo seen here.

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