Customizer's Corner Vol. 1

Customizer's Corner Vol. 1

Welcome to Customizer's Corner - an intermittent highlight of the creativity and originality of the collectible community. To all the tinkerers, fiddlers, and tamperers, this one's for you!

There's pride in personalization and the idea of having something unique, a one-of-one. And who better to represent "unique" than an inter-dimensional, humanoid roach?

Scroll on to check out the work of Bryan, Quinn, and Ben and see how they put their own spin on everyone's favorite Insecta-sapien of Mystery, Gomez.

Name: Bryan
Location: Washington, US
Inspiration: Always loved the Michael Jackson’s Thriller music video. I had some fabric that resembled the leather jacket and wanted to make a whole Thriller look for Gomez.

Name: Quinn
Location: Utah, US
Inspiration: When I came up with this picture I thought of Gomez breaking into some research style facility to get revenge on those who had done him wrong. I thought I’d him taking the heads as a sort of check list to make sure he got everyone he was after.

Name: Ben
Location: China
Inspiration: This custom was simply to try my best to create a unique Gomez that stood out. I kit bashed Mezco Jason’s upper body into this figure with drawings of tattoos on it to create an image of a fierce samurai Gomez.

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