Unless you live in a coffin or on the depths of the ocean floor, you'd know the Pink Skulls caused a bit of chaos on our social media channels earlier this week. They're last request before heading to rehearsals was that we feature "their good side", so we're here to oblige. Plus, Numpty Dumpty has been stuck in our head for 3 days now...

You know 'em, you (probably) love 'em, so let's give a round of applause to Bonez II Men err...the Pink Skulls Chaos Club, as shot by Wesley, Chris, J.M, and Mark!

Name: Wesley
Location: California, US
Inspiration: The PSCC sort of does all the heavy lifting in the inspiration department. They're easily the most expressive figures I own, so shooting them is always a blast. With this shot, I really wanted to showcase a more sinister side to them. Almost a recruitment poster that says "Join us, or else." Plus I'll take any excuse to hit these guys with colorful lights.

Name: Chris
Location: Maine, US
Inspiration: Just the Skulls themselves and I guess the English punk rockers that they are based on. I just picture them getting in fights behind a bar somewhere while punk rock plays in the background.

Name: J.M
Location: New York, US
Inspiration: Pulling inspiration from The Warriors, I wanted to show what it would look like if you ran into the Pink Skulls in a dark alley. The Skulls already have so much personality it was just a matter of nailing the poses. Shout-Out to @matchutoy for picking these up and always pushing me to make my photos the best they can be. I kept the lighting simple, added a few pieces to set the scene, and did a long exposure to really capture all the detail.

Name: Mark
Location: California, US
Inspiration: My inspiration really comes from the videos you guys post. You can really feel the personality of these guys and it's so fun getting shots of them.

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