"I wear a mask. And that mask, it's not to hide who I am, but to create what I am."

Everyday is Batman Day in our eyes but we're starting the official Batman Day festivities a little early and giving the Caped Crusader the spotlight this week.

The Dark Knight is an exceptional escape artist, master of martial arts, acrobat, scientist, criminologist...and the list goes on! He's vengeance. He's night. He's Batman!

Scroll on and check out The Bat as captured by Lin, Pongchai, Davy & Luke!

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Name: Lin
Location: Myanmar
Inspiration: Batman has always been my favorite superhero. In this shot I was referencing a scene from the Batman movie (subway station fight scene). Which was Batman's first appearance in the movie. I changed the pose to holding the batarang instead of punching bad guys.

Name: Pongchai
Location: Thailand
Inspiration: I like Sovereign knight px’s design and wanted to try how it looks when it become to black color. I bash up with Sovereign knight and take a photo in the basic pose, inspired from the official showcase photo.

Name: Davy
Location: Indonesia
Inspiration: Protector of Gotham, I wanted to portray Batman above the justice statue in-front of flame/chaos. Batman stands out to protect!

Name: Luke
Location: United Kingdom
Inspiration: For this image I really just wanted to capture the epicness that is The Batman! So I decided on a close up portrait picture of this amazing guy!

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