"It's Halloween. Everyone's entitled to one good scare."

We're celebrating all things spooky, scary, and strange in this week's Fan Feature Friday. Readers beware...what you are about to see may fright, haunt, or rattle you to your bones...this is your chance to turn back now!

If you're still here, scroll on and see the chills and thrills captured by Chris, Adrian, Jhonatan and Abraham!

And remember...NEVER blow out a jack-o'-lantern before midnight...Happy Halloween! 🎃

Name: Chris
Location: South Carolina, US
Inspiration: I have an affinity for this time of year and for Halloween in particular.  I especially love the older black and white horror movies and recognize Nosferatu broke the mold and set the standard for what would end up being modern horror.  There are few creatures of the night that have captivated our imagination like the legend of the vampire.  I really love this MezcoToyz Nosferatu because it's such a unique piece in my collection.   The tailoring and soft goods are fantastic, the sculpts are beautiful and it is an iconic character.  Something I will forever keep in my collection.

Name: Adrian
Location: California, US
Inspiration: My main inspiration for this pic, and for all of my pics for that matter, is always lighting. I wanted to put Jason by a cabin looking like he just got done doing what he does best with the cabin light glowing behind him and with the moon light. I wanted it to feel like you can hear Mrs. Voorhees telling Jason he did well and she was pleased with him like in the Friday the 13th game. My goal is always to transport my figures somewhere in my pics and in this particular one I wanted to bring Jason back to the camping grounds of good ol' Crystal Lake.

Name: Jhonatan
Location: Mexico
Inspiration: I wanted to capture the character's essence, as if it were a screenshot from the movie.

Name: Abraham
Location: Mexico
Inspiration: For the photo I was inspired by the atmosphere of the second movie. (Nosferatu 1979) I like the dark colors of that version and the contrast of the shadows.

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