@JasonBMichael Takeover - Fan Feature Friday #118

@JasonBMichael Takeover - Fan Feature Friday #118

Fan Feature Friday is receiving an upgrade...introducing Fan Takeovers! Every so often, we'll be giving the reigns to a fellow Mezconian and allowing them to spotlight some of their favorite photographers in the community.

This week, @JasonBMichael takes us on a tour of the Rumble Society while telling us who he's been diggin' lately!

Scroll on to see what Jason had to say about Max, Darais, and Felton and check out the photos he chose to spotlight!

Name: Max
Jason said: "Max Fischer is the best photographer you’re not following. Max has a beautiful semi-portrait style that tells a story; something I had never come across in toy photography. He doesn’t shy away from very creative angles, sometimes letting the props and accessories do the storytelling rather than the figure. His ability to create a mood in such a tight frame shows just how much he masters lighting and posing."

Name: Darais
Jason said: "Not only has Darais been a monument in the toy photography community for years, but he’s also the Bob Ross of action figure reviews on YouTube. Watching him pose action figures feels like watching a magic trick; it’s a clinic in itself. Although I’d like him to take a break from time to time, his work ethic and dedication to his craft are unparalleled. Once while we were chatting on the phone, I could hear his camera operating in the background … he has time to take 100 photos in the time I’ve setup for one. Because he shoots handheld, I’m what he calls tripod people, one of the funniest monikers I’ve had the pleasure of being called. Perhaps when I’ve got ten plus years of photography under my belt, I’ll be able to get on his level. For the time being, I’m enjoying the magician."

Name: Felton
Jason said: "Felton is the definition of ingenuity. My favorite part of his work is how he uses overexposure to his advantage; flooding his photos with blaring white which creates razor sharp shadows, adds a heightened contrast to his subject, and a beautiful glow surrounding it at the same time. I also admire how versatile he is with his choice of subjects. He isn’t afraid to take risks that may potentially alienate his audience. From risqué poses or storytelling choices to political commentary, it’s always a treat when Felton graces us with a new image."

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