"Get to da choppa!"

Nothing says festive quite like the Yautja!

Silent, invisible, and invincible, Predator is on the hunt for this Fan Feature Friday! This extraterrestrial race of warriors and hunters travel the galaxy, seeking dangerous quarry to hunt for sport and honor.

Scroll on to see how Sal, Mr. Mad Orange, Ken, and 大澤 captured the huntsman in his natural habitat and whatever you do...DO NOT ENGAGE!

Name: Sal
Location: California, US
Inspiration: I wanted my shot to try and capture the jungle aspect of the original Predator film.

Name: Mr. Mad Orange
Location: China
Inspiration: I've seen the movie Predator so many times , and when I got this predator, I had a picture of him in the forest in my mind

Name: 大澤
Location: Taiwan
Inspiration: I have always been a fan of the Predator movie series, and the inspiration for the creation comes from the concept of the Predator invisible invasion of Earth in the movie.

Name: Ken
Location: China
Inspiration: The inspiration for this picture is the rain forest scene in original 1987 Predator film. The critical element to create the atmosphere is the real water fog I used in this picture.

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