"Ordinary people, they operate within a certain set of parameters, right? Rules. Limits. Then there's blokes like me, yeah? We cheat."

We've all got skeletons in our closet but this guy takes the cake! Cynic, con man, and sorcerer, John Constantine is known for doing whatever it takes to get the job done, with a moral compass as gray as the London skies. He's not exactly known for his glowing personality but when it comes to the occult, he's the best investigator there is!

Let's exorcise these demons with the help of Edwin, Alberto, Rob, & Mike!

Name: Edwin (@ectogonzo)
Location: Pennsylvania, US
Inspiration: When I was preparing to capture this image I could picture Constantine just finishing up an exorcism and this would be his way of winding down afterwards. A fitting end to a horror filled day

Name: Alberto (@noirkaiserfx)
Location: Florida, US
Inspiration: I wanted to portray John in the aftermath of an alleyway brawl with a demon. Used the severed head accessory from Death Dealer and rats from Nosferatu to liven up the scene. Low light shot to keep it dark and grimy.

Name: Rob (@figurebattles)
Location: Georgia, US
Inspiration: The goal of the shot was to have an ominous and supernatural presence that appears to weigh heavily on Constantine. Not even his vices can provide escape from the spirits that haunt him.

Name: Mike (@filthy.yoda)
Location: N/A
Inspiration:  I’ve always enjoyed the complex and craziness that is John Constantine. Hellblazer being my favorite version of him.. with all the amazing accessories you guys delivered at Mezco it was a blast bringing the character to life in three-dimensional form.

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