#MezcoToyzFair starts NEXT WEEK! We're days away from games, reveals, and prizes that'll make your head spin! 😵‍💫

This week’s Fan Feature Friday spotlights none other than our past Toy(z) Fair exclusives. Golden heads, super soldiers, and occult private eyes, oh my! This year’s Toyz Fair has a lil something-something for everybody, so be sure to tune in each week! 👀

Scroll on and check out how Timothy, Kris, Darais and Jason are prepping for this year’s Toyz Fair!

If you haven’t already, you can check out our Toyz Fair itinerary here and read about what we've got goin' on throughout February!

Name: Timothy (@roddy81)
Location: Nevada, US
Inspiration: This was one of my first Gomes figures I bought Agent Gomez. Such a cool figure so many accessories he comes with I just pictured him in his secret location planning his next move!

Name: Kris (@optimus.krime)
Location: Canada
Inspiration: Just a simple portrait of this character can speak volumes about his mysterious aura. I absolutely love this original design by Mezco! They knocked it out of the park with this one!

Name: Darais (@d_amazing)
Location: New York, US
Inspiration: For this photo i wanted something to fit the inspiration of bounty Hunter but didn’t know what kind of lighting would really work. I test a lot of like but the perfect tint of purple to contrast the black with that effect to add a pinch of separation really worked here. I’m glad it helped bring Krig 13 to life!

Name: Jason (@jasonbmichael)
Location: Canada
Inspiration: I feel that Atticus Doom is the Doctor Strange of the Rumble Universe, so I wanted to create an image reminiscent of the Astral Push from the Doctor Strange films. In this case, I used The Roach with the Golden Head because Atticus would have felt that he was simply a collection of Mez-itz posing as the real Gomez.

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