Fan Feature Friday #13

Fan Feature Friday #13

This week marks our 13th fan feature Friday, and in honor of this spooky number, we decided to keep things creepy and cute. Nothing says both more than our lovable Living Dead Dolls. Continue reading to see what some of our biggest LDD fans have to say.

Name: Antonio F.

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Inspiration behind photo: "Living Dead Dolls are a constant inspiration for me. They are the perfect mixed between creepy and beauty, and Xezbeth is no exception to that."

Name: Chantel M.

Location: Ontario, Canada

Inspiration behind photo: "I love Calavera. She has such a sweet, yet haunting look, and her story goes really well with her. I thought a simple black background would really bring out the star feature of Calavera. Her intricately painted face, and to top it off the shininess of her hair just so happens to glisten. Calavera is simultaneously lovely yet sad at the same time. She’s one of my favourites for sure."

Name: Susan

Location: Sheffield, United Kingdom

Inspiration behind photo: "My inspiration behind the photo is pretty simple. As a huge Horror fan Living Dead Dolls are awesome! They are the perfect combination of creepy looking but adorable at the same time. I think this photo perfectly sums up my love for for Horror and I can’t wait to continue collecting more Living Dead Dolls in the future. 🖤"

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