Horror movie villains come in all shapes and sizes, from sentient dolls, to deranged clowns, to dream demons. Their faces are frightening, their weapons are sharp, and their kill counts are high!

This week, we're giving the spotlight to the infamous psychopaths that hold a special place in our dark, twisted hearts. Trust us, there's no shortage of nightmare-fuel...

If you're brave enough, scroll on and check out these horrifically awesome shots by Piyatat, Rachel, & Danny.

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Name: Piyatat (@mr.ginger_toys)
Location: Thailand
Inspiration: I took this photo to post on social media on Halloween. Which I refer to the trick or treat movie where the character Sam likes pumpkins, so I find props to take a photo with Sam and set the lighting to look scary and cute at the same time

Name: Rachel (@raculla_)
Location: England
Inspiration: “Pennywise deserved some love as Valentines was coming up, I didn’t want him to feel left out as he’s everyone’s favourite clown

Name: Danny (@toy_addict17)
Location: Connecticut
Inspiration: My inspiration for this photo was to capture the moment CHUCKY first laid eyes on Andy Barclay. That moment a child’s favorite toy comes to life wanting to be his friend to the end , but it comes with a deadly price. I was a huge fan of the first film wanted to take a photo that reminded me how much CHUCKY scared me as a kid even when he just sat still.

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