Fan Feature Friday #14 - Nosferatu Edition

Fan Feature Friday #14 - Nosferatu Edition

Welcome to Fan feature #14! Today we present you with some of the best Count Orlok images from the past week. From his spine-chilling presence to his affinity for rats, our fans this week captured this classic vampire in all of his glory.

Continue reading below for insight into the hair-raising inspiration behind these Nosferatu fan images.

Name: Ian H.

Location: London, UK

Inspiration behind photo: "My inspiration was how would he look on a ship to the new world with only the rats to sustain him. Sick I know!"

Name: MJ

Location: Plainfield, NJ

Inspiration behind photo: "I was inspired by the figure to make the door you see in the photo. Ialso wanted to recreate a poster from the movie 'House'. When I made it and set it up, this is what was produced."

Name: Richard

Location: Alberta, Canada

Inspiration behind photo: " I wanted a photo that would show off the figures accessories, specifically the wearable and or holdable ones such as the Lantern, the keys, and the hat, I was also inspired by the movie itself when Hutter meets Count Orlok face to face for the first time at his castle, I wanted to embody the eerie feeling of that scene in figure form."

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