“This thing bled acid! Who knows what it’s gonna do when it’s dead!”

Arguably one of the most iconic movie monsters ever created, Alien takes the spotlight for this week's Fan Feature Friday! We've learned a lot from Ellen Ripley's adventures, like never to investigate mysterious distress calls, never engage with a nest of strange eggs, and in space, no one can hear you scream!

Join as aboard the Nostromo and check out how Trevor, Adrian, Phonk, and Aaron captured everyone's favorite Xenomorph.

Name: Trevor (@eladiospartacus)
Location: Washington, US
Inspiration: For this photo, my inspiration was the scene where Brett gets killed in the original film. Since I do not have a diorama I just used some chains, two lights and a can of aerosol haze to recreate the atmosphere of the interior of the Nostromo.

Name: Adrian (@itcamefromthetoybox)
Location: California, US
Inspiration: The xenomorph is one of the most recognizable movie monsters in cinema and for this Big Chap, I definitely wanted to do something cinematic. The corridors of the Nostromo are significant to the first Alien movie, just as the feeling of claustrophobia and hopelessness are while being trapped in space with the perfect organism. Not only was the first movie an inspiration, Alien Isolation also played a factor with how the xenomorph was portrayed in the game. Both the first movie and the videogame show the xenomorph in a more scary and enclosed setting that I always want to recreate with my Alien shots.

Name: Phonk (@p_phonks_figure_page)
Location: New Mexico, US
Inspiration: The xenomorph has always been one of the most interesting designs for any creature, pair that up with a creepy pose, and a flood of green light, and you get a great representation of the alien.

Name: Aaron (@alien_ridge)
Location: Oregon, US
Inspiration: Obviously, any photo of a Xenomorph will draw inspiration from the movies. For this shot in particular I wanted to emulate an instant where there is a little more light than usual, a moment where the Xenomorph is briefly revealed in all its horrific glory before it slips back into the darkness.

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