Fan Feature Friday #15

Fan Feature Friday #15

Welcome to Fan Feature Friday #15! This week we are coming in with some of our favorite bias here 😏 ! Let us know who you love more- Lone Roach, The Pink Skulls, or Baron Bends. Lastly, be sure to check out this week's talented photographers below!

Name: Drew S.

Location: Long Island, NY

Inspiration behind photo: "I wanted to capture the seriousness behind the Pink Skulls creepy smile. Yes they're a bunch of trouble makers, but when it's time for war, they always show up and never disappoint."

Name: Bryan M.

Location: Queens, NY

Inspiration behind photo: "Because of Baron Bends’ bright blue jumpsuit, I wanted to to see the contrast of him against a fiery, background. I imagined him having just blown up a bunch of stuff and proudly walking through his carnage. He’s wearing blue, but his soul burns red hot for a reckoning!"

Name: John N.

Location: Philippines

Inspiration behind photo: "This photo is actually a follow up one where in Lone Roach and Grub detects an enemy hiding somewhere near them. Lone Roach asked the enemy to get out or he'll slice him up hence this photo of Lone Roach attacking. I've always enjoyed shooting action figures especially on my downtime and to relieve stress. It's also important for me that every photo has a story behind it whether it's just a vanilla posed figure, or a recreation from your favorite movie, a crossover no asked for, and an original story you want to tell."

In case you missed it, we are celebrating Mezco Con on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter this weekend. Do not miss out on some very special reveals and kick-a** contests!