"Some fear death... others pray for it."

Meet Red Pyramid Thing: the original geometric maniac from Silent Hill 2. He has an edge in the intimidation department, between his massive metal pyramid for a noggin and the colossal knife he wields. Pure nightmare fuel!

In Silent Hill 2, Red Pyramid Thing's a silent but deadly neighbor, turning foggy streets into his personal playground. So, scroll on to see how John, Dante, Pete, and Edward crossed paths with the executioner.

Name: John (@pintelguy)
Location: Virginia US
Inspiration: I'm a big Silent Hill fan, and like many, the second entry is my favorite. Pyramid Head is such an iconic design and just exudes dread. When I got the One:12 Collective figure in my hands I just had to try and replicate that distinct Great Sword pulling walk he does in the game!

Name: Dante (@itzdante2.0)
Location: N/A
Inspiration: After doing some quick research on Pyramid Head I decided that I really wanted to highlight his sword. I imagined Pyramid Head slowly walking down a creepy hallway dragging his sword on the ground and creating sparks. Similar to the way Freddy Krueger does it with his claws across the pipes in Nightmare on Elm Street.

Name: Pete (@pete_ruokis_photography)
Location: New Hampshire, US
Inspiration: I wanted to make a photograph from the perspective of someone witnessing Pyramid Head without necessarily being chased by it.

Name: Edward (@toysgotme)
Location: Texas, US
Inspiration: This photo was taken for a Mezco Monday submission. It was inspired greatly by the Halloween-themed freebie packet that came with Pyramid Head, which instantly got me into the Spooky Season Spirit! I knew I had to take a frightening and creepy photo of Pyramid Head and the accessories he came with made it easy.

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