FAN FEATURE FRIDAY #157 - HALLOWEEN: Michael Myers Edition

FAN FEATURE FRIDAY #157 - HALLOWEEN: Michael Myers Edition

“Every time somebody’s afraid, the boogeyman wins.”

Babysitters beware! Don't leave any doors unlocked, windows open, and above all, DO NOT investigate that bump in the night...

Perhaps the most infamous slasher of them all, Michael Myers makes a triumphant return every Halloween to remind us what being terrified really means! He may not move that fast but he sure is persistent.🔪

Grab your costume and join us as we travel to Haddonfield, Illinois to see if we can sneak a peek at the infamous boogeyman. After all, it's Halloween. Everyone's entitled to one good scare! 🎃

Name: Marky (@figured_wood)
Location: Texas, US
Inspiration: Jack o lanterns have always been associated with the Halloween film saga, so thought it’d be fun showing Michael with his pumpkin after he’s carved it. Also, I bought a ton of mini pumpkins and had to shoot them!

Name: Amy (@horrorbooo)
Location: United Kingdom
Inspiration: Halloween is one of my favourite time of the year and there's no better way to celebrate than watching an absolute classic by the master of horror himself, John Carpenter 🖤

Name: Pascal (@toytallica)
Location: Germany
Inspiration: When I got that new Michael Myers from Halloween II in my hands I immediately liked that insane new head sculpt. It was important for me to find the right lightspot for the picture to show these deadly eyes that rest behind this iconic mask. I also like those holes in his overall and wanted to focus on these two points of the figure. Which kind of worked.

Name: Kevin (@toyguy6ix)
Location: Canada
Inspiration: My inspiration behind this photo? Aside from being in the spooky mood with Halloween around the corner, this is one of my favorite Michael Myers figures. I love the entire MDS line because of their amazing details. Especially the horror characters!

Name: Ross (@docfigmanchu)
Location: United Kingdom
Inspiration: Blake, my step son wanted to dress as Michael for his school Halloween party. He loves the Mezco horror line and especially the Halloween 2 figure. Blake wanted to have a photo matching the pose I have him in on the shelf so we grabbed a quick couple of shots before school.

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