Fan Feature Friday #16 - Clan of the Golden Dragon Edition

Fan Feature Friday #16 - Clan of the Golden Dragon Edition

Welcome to Fan Feature Friday #16! By now, we all know that Gomez ย is always on a mission (as per request of the Void). Some days, our favorite inspecta-sapien of mystery is hitting the concrete jungle. And others, well...that remains unknown. No matter where he may be, you always capture him in an awesome adventure!

This week we highlighted our latest release: Gomez- The Clan of The Golden Dragon Edition. And as always, your creativity brought Gomez and company to life!

Continue reading below for some serious dose of inspiration from Dan, Juan, and Shaun.

Name: Dan B.

Location: Charlotte, NC

Inspiration behind photo: "I love the trailers we get everytime there is a new Gomez release; they do such a great job of setting the stage for the character in each particular form and this one was no exception. Coupled with my love for anything feudal Japan, I was excited to be able to capture Gomez and his crew psyching themselves up for their bout against the House of The Golden Skulls. Some people drink coffee to get ready for the day, I like to think Gomez & company perch themselves on a cliff and watch the sunrise together."

Name: Juan S.

Location: Chicago, IL

Inspiration behind photo: "I wanted to capture the atmosphere of The Ninja. Old school movies and myth present ninjas as borderline 'mystical' and in a state of zen until they strike. I used my Lume Cubes and gels for lighting, some trees and cotton fuzz for smoke, Atmosphere Aerosol for some pizazz, and props. Boom, mystical."

Name: Shaun N.

Location: Bronx, N.Y

Inspiration behind photo: "Iโ€™m a big fan of Kung-fu movies, the Hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan, and Mezco one 12 Gomez. I just wanted to mash all three into one photo."

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