Enter Roadblock, the G.I. Joe powerhouse with a machine gun in one hand and a spatula in the other—because every hero needs a side hustle.

Known for turning the battlefield into a gourmet kitchen, Roadblock adds spice to combat and cooking! The heavy weapons specialist can endure the recoil of a machine gun and turn your K-rations into a feast. Roadblock and his comrades defend the world from Cobra, a ruthless criminal organization bent on total domination.

Grab your combat helmet and scroll on to see how Brandon, Charlie, CP, Jimmy, and Brian captured Roadblock!

Name: Brandon (@epykk_dyzastur)
Location: Arizona, US
Inspiration: I really love how expressive the face sculpts are on Roadblock and I wanted to try my best to convey his emotion in a photograph. In my mind, I could see him laying down heavy fire against Cobra with the American flag at his side. I chose a night shot because it’s symbolic of a restless duty and it also makes the colors pop.

Name: Charlie (@boba_chuck)
Location: New York, US
Inspiration: I wanted these photos to emphasize Roadblocks weapon. Taking it from below, I felt really did that. Roadblock himself was always a very powerful character, and he had powerful weapons as well. I wanted to capture just that in the photo.

Name: CP (@c_pow3rs)
Location: South Carolina, US
Inspiration: My first impressions of the figure were great and I wanted to highlight the great sculpting and painting. I like how perfect items fit into his hands, the cheesy smile on his face, and his helmet. Looking forward to photographing him more and also the future releases from this line.

Name: Jimmy (@yankee_dawg_photo)
Location: Georgia, US
Inspiration: I always like my first shot of a figure to be a profile shot, just to get a feel for how they shoot in different lighting and angles. A basic profile shot just was not going to cut it for Roadblock, as he is a badass and needed to be portrayed as such. The classic artwork of the characters coming out of the explosion was a huge inspiration, but I didn't feel he would be running away from it and posed him where the mayhem behind him wasn't a big deal to him. I used some pillow fluff that I painted and then put lights inside to mimic the explosion.

Name: Brian (@bcauseitsfun)
Location: Georgia, US
Inspiration: My main inspiration for this photo is the Roadblock figure itself. And an amazing figure it is!!! I originally set this scene up for a Punisher photo but also wanted to substitute Frank for Roadblock and naturally because I love Christmas I wanted to add a bit of a seasonal touch.

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