Step aside, Dracula – there's a new vamp in town, and he goes by the name Morbius. Dr. Michael Morbius isn't your average bloodsucker. His quest for a cure takes a sharp left turn into the vampiric territory, leaving us all wondering if he's the hero, the antihero, or just a guy with a really challenging liquid diet.

Let's take the bite out of the ordinary and see how Luke, Sebastian, K, Dylan & Alberto give us a taste of what happens when science meets the supernatural!

Name: Luke (@theultimateluke)
Location: UK
Inspiration: For this image, I wanted to show Morbius in some lovely low-key lighting. Showing off the details and texture in his costume, and the red in his eyes.
I wanted to show him brooding over what torment he has endured and what a monster he has become.

Name: Sebastian (@sebzilla_figurephotos)
Location: New Mexico, US
Inspiration: My inspiration for this photograph was to try and capture Morbius in deep thought. Being a scientist, I feel he is always trying to figure out something. I also had the really cool skull throne and wanted to use it more!

Name: K (@khronicle_shots)
Location: California, US
Inspiration: I wanted to depict Morbius going back to his lair after a long, successful night of hunting. I gave him the cool-guy walking pose and set the tone and atmosphere to give it that dark and gloomy feel. Just a quick, simple shot of this fantastic figure.

Name: Dylan (@figurefourfotos)
Location: Minnesota, US
Inspiration: The scene is Morbius dispatching a lesser vampire and reacting to a heartbeat he'd heard just outside the warehouse.

Name: Alberto (@collector425_)
Location: New York, US
Inspiration: Once I picked up this amazing Morbius figure I couldn’t put it down. From the amazing face sculpt to the Articulation it’s a must-have in anyone's collection

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