Jingle bells
Gomez smells
Pink Skulls laid an egg
Vapor sneers
Eddi cheers
And Sodcutter's here to sleigh slay!

Hold onto your hats and your valuables because the Rumbler Crew are crashing a holiday party near you! Take a look at how CP, Francis, Johnny, Nathan, Casey and Jeremy spread some cheer this season.

Wishing you a fun, festive, and food-filled holiday. And remember, always save a plate for Cuzin Eddi!

Name: CP (@c_pow3rs)
Location: South Carolina, US
Inspiration: Jackie is a very expressive figure, not only with articulation but also with his unique head sculpts. I wanted to be festive and do a Grinch picture so Vaporoni was the first and only choice. I ended up going with the idea of Jackie getting his bag of goodies he stole wedged in the chimney when leaving the house. Thank you and happy holidays, everyone!

Name: Francis (@comfort2487)
Location: Canada
Inspiration: The inspiration has been from the amount of cool Christmas Mezco toy shots I've been seeing lately. I was at a Dollar Store when I saw those Christmas hat hair clips and figured they'd fit these PSCC heads. I've had the set for a year but mostly use the alternate heads.

Name: Johnny (@gangewifre)
Location: United Kingdom
Inspiration: The thought process I had when taking this shot was that giving back during the holidays is important because it helps spread joy and goodwill throughout our communities - no matter how small your actions may seem, they can make a big impact on someone else!

Name: Nathan (@figurefan_nate)
Location: Arizona, US
Inspiration: To spread some holiday joy, I was inspired to create my own Mezco Missedmas holiday scene. Cuzin Eddi having a very Merry Mez-Itz gift exchange. I decided to use the Advent Calendar version of Cuzin Eddi for my shot to utilize his reindeer onesie. I also added in a bunch of accessories and Mez-Itz from the advent calendar set. I used a Xmas tree from the local dollar store, wrapped it in lights, and added some gifts. I then built a Mezco Missedmas scene around all of that. The TMNT mini toy was added in as a sort of hint of future Mezco's to come. Seeing everyone's festive work recently and creating this one got me in the holiday spirit. Happy Holidays!

Name: Casey (@donutblock)
Location: Pennsylvania, US
Inspiration: My inspiration for the picture was family photos and videos of kids opening presents on Christmas, in particular the "Nintendo 64 kid" video. I also liked the idea of "toys getting toys for Christmas."

Name: Jeremy (@mythiccustoms)
Location: Rhode Island, US
Inspiration: I am actually the Director of Sales and Marketing at Four Horsemen Studios, so when we did our Figura Obscura Father Christmas last year, I knew I wanted to use the robes from that figure with the holiday Gomez to up the holiday cheer on him!

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