This week, we're entering the enigmatic realm of Bartholomew Vex - please take out your grimoires and turn to page 13!

Known by many names, the shape-shifting deceiver Bartholomew Vex has made an art out of being a disruptive force. With powers derived from the natural laws of the universe from which he resides, Bartholomew is feared throughout the Necroverse.

Scroll on to check out how Chris, Jason, J'Zaick, Steven, Anthony, and DeadManWon photographed the deity-trickster!

Name: Chris (@neptune.bay)
Inspiration: I had a ton of ideas for this amazing figure but for my first set of photos, I wanted to focus on the Red Stick and the Black Flame effect. I was also drawn to the laughing profile; I love how he's laughing with his eyes closed while having several accessories with "eyes". For this shot, I elevated the camera and zoomed out to get the whole figure into the frame, setting the stage for some kind of ritual sacrifice. I used minimal lighting in order to focus the color on the Red Stick & Black Flame, with the figure standing in stark contrast.

Name: Jason (@deadpayphone)
Location: Texas, US
Inspiration: I’ve been waiting for this figure since it was announced. I love the sinister vibes he gives off. I wanted to try and match that with my setting, lighting, and accessories. I love the effects piece and wanted to show it off well by lighting it up and having the pink/purple carry over to everything else. Lastly, I couldn’t forget the slug. He’s got to be there to complete the photo.

Name: J'Zaick (@SalvagedCargo)
Location: Pennsylvania, US
Inspiration: I wanted to display Vulture Vex as this elegant carnivore that leads a secret life feasting upon the living in the depths of an unknown location. Most of the inspiration was drawn from just the figure itself. It’s refreshing and oozes character for days.

Name: Steven (@daddygorebucks)
Location: Oregon, US
Inspiration: The inspiration behind this photo is that this figure is purely magical!

Name: Anthony (@spacityfigures)
Location: Arkansas, US
Inspiration: Bartholomew Vex just seemed like the kind of character that would be hanging around in the woods putting things in fires while enjoying the finest beverage in his goblet. So I had to try to gather that energy in a photo.

Name: DeadManWon (@deadmanwon)
Location: Washington, US
Inspiration: Honestly there isn't much inspiration behind this photo, it was taken as a still for an unboxing video that I posted on Instagram and TikTok.

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