In the shadowy corners of Gotham City where crime festers like a malignant force, emerges a Robin unlike any other! Meet Damian Wayne, a rebellious troublemaker who has defied expectations and transcended the traditional role of a sidekick.

Gotham's criminal underground needs to worry about more than just Batman – Damian's got the moves, the grooves, and a sense of mercy as elusive as the Bat-signal!

Scroll on and see how Jeff, Chris, Lewis, Jake, Ashok & Josh captured this rebel with a cape.

Name: Jeff (@terrellcomix)
Location: Canada
Inspiration: My inspiration came from the figure itself! Great articulation, accessories, sculpt, and paint; with the wired cape and grappling hook, I instantly saw this scene in my mind's eye and had to shoot it.

Name: Chris (@sidvicioustoys)
Location: Florida, US
Inspiration: I was inspired to create this photo after playing with the accessories. I enjoyed the dynamic pose of the open-hand sculpt and the design of the arrow. This prompted me to think of an image of Robin releasing a slew of arrows mid-air

Name: Lewis (@thebatcollector)
Location: United Kingdom
Inspiration: My aim for this shot was to recreate that ‘street level Gotham’ feel, while using the colours and lighting around Robin to accentuate the character, who serves as a more vibrant contrast to the dark and gritty home of Batman.

Name: Jake (@agentgomez)
Location: California, US
Inspiration: I wanted to showcase Robin in action, jumping around Gotham to murk some baddies.

Name: Ashok (
Location: Minnesota, US
Inspiration: The inspiration behind this photo comes from referring to many artworks/comic covers showing Robin on top of buildings similar to the caped crusader.

Name: Josh (@toyographyjedi)
Location: California, US
Inspiration: The inspiration I had for this photo came from the 1990’s Batman The Animated Series. While this version of Robin wasn’t in the show I wanted to capture a dark and gritty vibe similar to what I felt when watching the show. I very rarely photograph action shots and I felt that this Robin figure called for one seeing how special it is.

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