Picture this - an underworld of deadly crime bosses and their vicious thugs. They call the shots - you either play by their rules or meet your maker.

A ruthless mobster by the name of Pruneface is known for being the underworld's best spy. And he'll play both ends against the middle to get what he wants, two-timin' everyone in between. This shriveled-faced gangster will resort to any means necessary to avoid capture.

Scroll on to see how Alonzo, Ryan, John, Jerelle, Jason and Charlie photographed public enemy number one. Any citizens with knowledge of the whereabouts of Pruneface are urged to contact Dick Tracy at once!

Name: Alonzo (@grownmentoys)
Location: Alabama, US
Inspiration: Just wanted to show Pruneface getting ready to make a big money deal. 💵💰

Name: Ryan (@80sberg)
Location: Tennessee, US
Inspiration: The inspiration for this photo came from a take on Eminem’s song “Stan.” Prune Face writing to Eminem with hopes of a return letter. My post on Instagram was accompanied by the music and lyrics in the caption.

Name: John (@emerald_knight_photos)
Location: Texas, US
Inspiration: I’ve always been a fan of Dick Tracy, and I’m thrilled with how this figure turned out. I aimed to capture it in the nostalgic style of the old comic strips.

Name: Jerelle (@jorel_vs_thetoys)
Location: Virginia, US
Inspiration: My inspiration for this shot came from all the old gangster films and the iconic “sending a message via Tommy Gun” trope! Pruneface really helped deliver on this idea! That head sculpt alone coveys so many emotions and here, to me, it was screaming, “EAT LEAD, COPPERS!”

Name: Jason (@jasonbmichael)
Location: Canada
Inspiration: I watch lots of films and I've just always loved a tough guy dramatically walking away from an exploding car.

Name: Charlie (@boba_chuck)
Location: New York, US
Inspiration: The moment I saw Pruneface I knew I had to make him an office diorama. I envisioned him sitting at his desk doing his evil business.  I wanted the perspective of a S.W.A.T. team busting in on him hence, this photo. 👊🏻

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