Snake Eyes, a key member of G.I. Joe, is known for his silent and mysterious nature. Dressed in all black, he is a skilled ninja with proficiency in various forms of combat. He's a total mystery with abilities that border on the supernatural!

Snake Eyes travels with Timber, his pet wolf and lethal ally. The duo are a force to be reckoned with, and crossing their path will only end one way...

Get ready for some action with Raymond, Henry, Rich, Jai, Kris, & Robi as they show off Snake Eyes' slick moves and low-key style!

Name: Raymond (@_figgie_smalls)
Location: N/A
Inspiration: Upon encountering the promotional images of Snake Eyes, I found myself compelled to explore poses for the figure. Given his mastery as a ninja, I envisioned portraying him amidst the shadows of an enigmatic Cobra stronghold. As his cover is compromised, I aimed to depict his swift retaliation against the enemy, showcasing his remarkable ability to excel in both stealth and during a firefight.

Name: Henry (@henroc1_12)
Location: New Jersey, US
Inspiration: Inspired by GI Joe: A Real American Hero #301 variant cover by Ethan Young. Credit to my brother Geo for recommending this comic cover.

Name: Rich (@dopeddioramas)
Location: California, US
Inspiration: My inspiration was two things: One, was Snake Eyes on a stealth mission in Japan with man’s best friend (Timber) leading the way… Second, was Ninja Gaiden, one of my favorite old-school Sega games. Doing a GI Joe version of those levels.

Name: Jai (@tauntauns_photography)
Location: Arizona, US
Inspiration: On the day I received my Mezco Snake Eyes I posed it around for literally an hour just messing with it, and then I opened up the Timber that came with it and I thought "Oh man... now I have an idea" So I went straight to shoot in my backyard. The Timber is what sold me on the shot.

Name: Kris (@optimus.krime)
Location: Canada
Inspiration: I love the idea of Snake Eyes & Timber infiltrating an enemy hideout together!

Name: Robi (@robjarci)
Location: Texas, US
Inspiration: My inspiration was really I had an idea in my head and wanted to execute it. I also had some new bullet effects I wanted to try out. Snake Eyes is one of my favorite GI Joe so I wanted to execute it.

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