Spiders and bats and hissing black cats can only mean one thing...Sadie has arrived! The “First Living Dead Doll” features an all-new, high-end, deluxe design to usher in the next generation of Living Dead Dolls. 

Now with new and improved articulation, moveable eyes, interchange "Death Masks" and hands, and loads of interactive accouterment, Sadie is deader than ever and has never been better!

Mavens of the macabre are encouraged to scroll on to see how Dane, Marce, Kevin, Danii and Evan unearthed Sadie's all-new features.

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Name: Dane (
Location: Brazil
Inspiration: My inspiration for the photo was to capture Sadie's sweet, youthful essence through her dark, grown-up sunglasses.

Name: Marce (@marcemoth)
Location: Mexico
Inspiration: My inspiration for this was picturing Sadie in a dark eerie ambiance, looking defiant to a security cam, she is about to do something evil, no one knows what happened but then they see what's recorded on the security videos. You’ll be scared to see the doll coming to life. The lighting in this photo is inspired by her in Series 1.

Name: Kevin (@crunchygerm)
Location: Indiana, US
Inspiration: I just found out about these dolls last year and I love Sadie! I like how her eyes move and how I can pose her. My inspiration for this picture was the movie poster for the first Insidious movie.

Name: Danii (@daniihorror)
Location: California, US
Inspiration: The inspiration behind this photo is Sadie’s creepy yet cute nature. I wanted to capture that by making sure she made direct eye contact with whoever looked at the picture. She may be cute but don’t forget she’s still holding a meat cleaver!

Name: Evan (@causeevanj)
Location: New York, US
Inspiration: My inspiration behind the photos was to capture her sinister look but also her Innocence. Behind the character. Sadie is Super adorable I picked the background color to just give her a blend of color without it being overly bright. Sadie is overly cute but she plays dirty when she needs to. 😁

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