"Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!" 📻

In a world where crime runs rampant and justice hangs in the balance, The Shadow stands as a beacon of hope—a mysterious avenger ready to strike fear into the hearts of criminals.

Incoming intel from Burbank!


Scroll on to see how agents Jerelle, Joseph, Chris, Ian, Anthony, and Tom have captured the unknown man of mystery as he dispenses justice.


And remember...“The weed of crime bears bitter fruit! Crime does not pay...The Shadow knows!”

Name: Jerelle (@jorel_vs_thetoys)
Location: Virginia, US
Inspiration: My inspiration for this shot was the classic pulp covers of the Golden Age and beyond. The Shadow was always one of my favorite characters from that era so I knew I had to try and capture that shadowy look with the flowing scarf where you know this man means business and that business is JUSTICE!

Name: Joseph (@highroller_collectibles)
Location: Florida, US
Inspiration: I've been a huge Shadow fan since I was a kid, the shot was very simple yet kept the dark theme. "The Shadow in the Shadows"

Name: Chris (@sidvicioustoys)
Location: N/A
Inspiration: The photo is inspired by pulp/noir-style book covers. I wanted to create a scene that was both accurate to the character and highlighted the figure's amazing features. Placing the figure on a tall building edge and shooting it from a downward angle helped to build that sense of drama the radio show always created.

Name: Ian (@ian_saunders_photography)
Location: Tennessee, US
Inspiration: I was inspired by the scales of justice accessory. I wanted to showcase it as a prominent source in the frame in a creative way.

Name: Anthony (@batbomb82_mezco_reviews)
Location: California, US
Inspiration: I was so excited that Mezco was making The Shadow. Such a pop culture iconic character. This has been one of my favorites from the One:12 line to date.

Name: Tom (@miniplasticmultiverse)
Location: UK
Inspiration: I remember flicking through Garth Ennis and Aaron Campbell's more recent run on The Shadow and being blown away by the ferocity with which he wields his pistols and wanting to capture that in a photo. I used the rain flicking off the brim of his hat and the barrel of the leading weapon to help sell the illusion of motion, while the blurred surroundings are harnessed to accentuate the sense of speed.

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