YO JOE! Master ninja and member of the Cobra organization, Storm Shadow steals the spotlight for this week's Fan Feature Friday!

The enigmatic character of the GI Joe universe brings a unique blend of stealth, precision, and deadly combat skills to the table. Storm Shadow's expertise in martial arts makes him a formidable adversary, specifically for Snake Eyes with whom he has an ongoing rivalry.

Since knowing is half the battle, scroll on to get to know Edward, Matthew, Brian, Edwin, and Robert and see the inspiration behind their action-packed shots.

Name: Edward (@toysgotme)
Location: Texas, US
Inspiration: This photo was inspired by Storm Shadow himself! I always picture him taking down his enemies from an inconspicuous place, silently and one by one. What better way than to use his compound bow. Mezco really did a great job on this figure!

Name: Matthew (@mamusactionfigureblog)
Location: Texas, US
Inspiration: My inspirations are the covers of issue 85 of the GI Joe Marvel run by Mark Ryan and Bob McLeod and issue 224 of the IDW run subtitled Cobra World Order part 6 by Stephen Mooney. Storm Shadow is my favorite GI Joe character.

Name: Brian (@bcauseitsfun)
Location: Georgia, US
Inspiration: I wanted to photograph Storm Shadow in a nontraditional way. At least something nontraditional from my style. Seeing how his lineage is Japanese, I thought it would be cool to photograph him in what appeared to be a Japanese forest with Cherry blossoms.

Name: Edwin (@tgvahn)
Location: New York, US
Inspiration: I was inspired to do this photo in homage to all the awesome action shots I see get made daily at Articulated Comic Book Art (FB and IG). One of my good friends from ACBA, @megatronboultanyshen, is one of the best GI Joe photographers I know, and I wanted to use the best One:12 scale figures of these two characters from that world in this tribute to him.

Name: Robert (@robjarci)
Location: Texas, US
Inspiration: Storm Shadow is one of my favorite cobra characters. I wanted to capture him in a simple pose showing off what makes him Storm Shadow.

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