As the Rumble Universe expands, so does your creativity so it’s only right that we give the spotlight to a selection of bad-ass brawlers!

If you’re new to the world of Rumble Society, welcome to the land of fists, fury, and fire! From the depths of the ocean floor to the darkest corners of space, come take a ride on the Rumbler side. We hope you can roll with the punches…literally!

Scroll on to take a look at how Andy, Ryan, Andrew, Ryan, Josh and Bryan photographed their favorite Rumblers!

Name: Andy (@clarkenwellsdk)
Location: United Kingdom
Inspiration: This photo is inspired by all the non-conventional artists out there who have to hunt through all the grimy alleys, underpasses, and derelict buildings to find that perfect spot to project their vision for the wandering to see!

Name: Ryan (@crunchy_cheeto_creations)
Location: Connecticut, US
Inspiration: I always loved the classic looks of secret agents and this Gomez is perfect! But there’s always going to be something screwing up your plans. Mission: FAILED 😂

Name: Andrew (@slaystoys)
Location: Canada
Inspiration: My goal for this shot was to create a fun winter scene using only practical effects. I used fake snow to create the falling snow effect. As for the premise of my shot, I wanted to show what it would be like if Nosferatu was stumbling home after a few too many cold ones with the boys!

Name: Ryan (@digz_figz)
Location: Arizona, US
Inspiration: Just doing your best to be a good dad. I’m constantly inspired by all the Rumble Society characters, with so many looks and so many possibilities.

Name: Josh (@firststrikefigs)
Location: Oregon, US
Inspiration: This shot was inspired by my love for horror and having Atticus stand in as a Vincent Price style host of sharing spooky stories!

Name: Bryan (@drawalinetoyz)
Location: California, US
Inspiration: With this shot, I intended to contextualize Union Gomez as an irritated mechanic dealing with the shenanigans of another Pink Skull mishap. I had hoped to create a comical scene, showing the PSCC's face in shock as he finds his car in tatters, smoking with parts scattered about.

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