Enter Olumu Rook, armed to the teeth (and tentacles)!

Olumu Rook is the ultimate cosmic showstopper. Whether he's morphing his hand into a mystic tentacle or wielding a blade that's hotter than a star's core, this galactic warlord is prepared to eradicate the Red-Eye Knight by any means necessary.

Can Olumu Rook outshine the Red-Eye Knight and take control of the cosmos? Brace yourself for a BIG showdown and scroll on to see what Void Cadets Sal, Dante, Mike, Demond, Pedro & Anthony captured on their intergalactic mission.

Name: Sal (@omega_red)
Location: California, US
Inspiration: I wanted to do a shot that showed Olumu Rook in a menacing pose that was also a bit dynamic.

Name: Dante (@itzdante2.0)
Location: Ohio, US
Inspiration: The inspiration from the shot came from the original promo video. There was a quick scene where Olumu was flying up in the air with his sword drawn and I liked it and wanted to recreate something similar. I wanted to highlight all the lime green accessories so I flooded the scene with green light and fog.

Name: Mike (@thevillainous_1)
Location: Massachusetts, US
Inspiration: I love the Void Wars comic so the inspiration came from that. This is the last image those poor blood force Krigs saw before Olumu Rook unleashes his rage!

Name: Demond (@bigrudythegreat)
Location: Utah, US
Inspiration: Olumu Rook inspired the shot. I wanted something that exuded power and intimidation and an awe factor.

Name: Pedro (@redeemercustoms)
Location: Florida, US
Inspiration: I have always been a fan of science fiction since I was a kid and my fascination with it has only grown over the years. Cosmic Horror and Eldritch Tales are amongst my favorite. There's a very special place in my soul for Lovecraft; and this entity (Olumu Rook) and his lore, embodies all of the things I love most about that universe and everything that surrounds it.

Name: Anthony (@batbomb82_mezco_reviews)
Location: California, US
Inspiration: I love these Void Wars figures. They have been so much fun. Olumu Rook is a badass piece; these incredible translucent day glow green pieces make this figure stand out as something special.

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