Cowabunga! Everyone’s favorite half-shell heroes—the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles—are leaping from the sewers to your shelf for a nostalgia-fueled Fan Feature Friday!

The intrepid team - Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo are lean, green, mean, and straight from your TV screen! The animated version of the crime-fighting mutants are ready to defend New York City against any evil forces that cross their path.

Grab a bowl of cereal (or a slice of pizza) and scroll on for a radical trip down memory lane and see how Javier, Anthony, Dylan, Rupert, & Brandon evoked that Saturday morning cartoon feeling!

Name: Javier (@major__scale)
Location: New Jersey, US
Inspiration: I honestly wanted to create a picture that would pop. I always found TMNT to be larger than life. They've always been my childhood heroes, so I wanted to showcase them in a way that respected each one of their characters. They were so much fun to shoot.

Name: Anthony (@toymirth)
Location: New Jersey, US
Inspiration: I was going for a feel that the turtles were animatronics at a kid's party pizza place. This is them at rest during the night.

Name: Dylan (@figurefourfotos)
Location: Minnesota, US
Inspiration: I just loved all this set had to offer. I basically wanted to showcase all of the Turtle's at once in a badass setting!

Name: Rupert (@rupert89)
Location: California, US
Inspiration: My inspiration for this shot was to showcase all of the amazing details that were made into creating these Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures! Without a doubt the Turtles have been one of my favorite characters growing up.
When shooting this photo I wanted to create an epic action shot of these heroes ready to engage in battle looking as heroic as ever. My goal is to always make every shot look like a movie poster or comic book cover.

Name: Brandon (@epykk_dyzastur)
Location: Arizona, US
Inspiration: The setup for it is the largest I’ve ever done. I wanted to show the Turtles having just arrived on the scene and ready to party, so to speak.

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