Fan Feature Friday #19 - Harley Quinn Edition

Fan Feature Friday #19 - Harley Quinn Edition

Welcome to Fan Feature Friday #19, Harley Quinn Edition! The former doctor, turned un-hinged super villain always has a few tricks, weaponry, and sass up her sleeve. This week we asked Erik S, Erik J. and Travis to give us a look into their dynamic photos. Capturing this multi-faceted character is no simple task, and we're always blown away by your ability to thread between the humanity and insanity of anti-heroine's like Harley.  As Harley would say Sometimes the only way to stay sane is to go a little crazy.”

Name: Travis W.

Location: Babylon, New York

Inspiration behind photo: "The Harley figure, and especially this portrait, inspired this shot right out of the box. She has a great, maniacal look! I love the Clown Prince Joker and really wanted to pair them up. This started as a situation involving just Commissioner Gordon, but the frosted window on the door in the background of the diorama was just too tempting to incorporate and that's how Bats got involved in the shot. The composition was the tricky part, trying to lead the viewer from Harley to the Commish, through Joker and to Batman, but I think it worked!"

Name: Erik S.

Location: Columbus, Mississippi

Inspiration behind photo: "The inspiration for this shot was simply to show Harley arriving at a fight with a BANG, in her classic jester costume, while at the same time hitting her adversaries with a wisecrack."

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"Gotham City Mayhem!" _________________________________________ ➡️ Swipe to see a BTS shot! I'm loving the new @mezcotoyz Harley Quinn more and more! She's so expressive and her accessories are top notch. Like this four barreled rocket launcher. I used the Bat signal and City background that came with the Mezco Jim Gordon to compliment the shot. I added the lightning bolt using Polarr. Used the lightning bolt to cover up the crease in the foldable backdrop. _________________________________________ #harleyquinn #batman #dccomics #one12community #one12collective #one12features #toyphotography #actionfigurephotography #toypics #toypic_community #toycrewbuddies #toygroup_alliance #toy_picasso #toytribe #wheretoysdwell #toysaremydrug #toyspoison_bigsandman #tap_partywithjack #tpc2_diskchen #topic_oldmanlayup #mezcotoyz #o3p_actionpackedaugust #tcb_keeppracticin

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Name: Erik J.

Location: South Carolina, US

Inspiration behind photo: "I love all the accessories Harley comes with and the rocket with smoke trail really caught my eye as a fun piece to start off with. From there, my mind saw this as a skyline shot with Harley in the forefront. I used the backdrop and Bat Signal that came with the Mezco Gordon figure. It was tricky to find the right angle for the Bat Signal to light up the backdrop just right! Fortunately, when mayhem strikes Gotham City, we know The Batman will be there to protect it!"

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