Fan Feature Friday #24 - The Warriors Edition

Fan Feature Friday #24 - The Warriors Edition

Welcome to Fan Feature Friday #24- The Warriors Edition. The cult classic directed by Walter Hill is as iconic today as it was in 1979. Although controversial upon its release, the movie has become praised for its comic book style, choreographed fighting, and stark visual cinematography.  We loved seeing your interpretations of The Gangs in their quasi-dystopian New York City. Continue reading to see what our fans this week had to say about The Warriors.

Name: Jon H.

Location: Dallas, TX

Inspiration behind photo: "I’ve loved The Warriors since the first time I watched it, so when I found out that Mezco made figures, I had to get them. I really wanted to take a picture that showed all four figures without it looking too crowded. I enjoyed this one because it's like the calm before the storm. The threat of danger is there, but it hasn't exploded into violence yet."

Name: Cody B.

Location: Alabama

Inspiration behind photo: "With this shot I wanted to capture that “back alley brawl” feel. Both the incredible movie and video game are full of combat between The Warriors and rival gangs so there was plenty of content to be influenced by. I wanted the Baseball Furies to have the upper hand here but not have The Warriors completely defeated."

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