Fan Feature Friday #26 - Supreme Knight: Shadow Edition

Fan Feature Friday #26 - Supreme Knight: Shadow Edition

Our One:12 Collective Batman trilogy concludes with Batman: Supreme Knight. Batman is now in the final years of his campaign against the villains of Gotham City.

The Caped Crusader has mastered his craft and sharpened his skills. Now at the pinnacle of his war on crime, he uses his skill and tech to maintain his edge. Continue reading to see how Peter, Matthew, and Kevin took on their interpretation of the Supreme Knight- Shadow Edition.

Name: Peter C.

Location: NYC

Inspiration behind photo: "My inspiration for this shot comes from Batman Year One shot of Batman coming through the windows to terrorize the Gotham Elite. I was inspired by iconic The Dark Knight Returns pose of Bats leaping through the thundering night!"

Name: Matthew T.

Location: Edison, NJ

Inspiration behind photo: "In this shot, I wanted Batman to happily celebrate the month of October (and Halloween) by going toe to toe with a werewolf-- and what better way to express his joy then to use the happy Batman headsculpt included with the new Supreme Knight Shadow Edition! After seeing this smiling Batman headsculpt, I knew I wanted to use it as my introductory shot of Shadow Bats-- because come on, how often do you see Batman filled with pure joy? I just had to!"

Name: Kevin M.

Location: New Jersey

Inspiration behind photo: "The all-black/silver design and poseable cape make this my favorite Mezco Batman yet. I wanted a shot of Batman ready for a brawl in a high-tech setting."

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