Fan Feature Friday #27 - Frankenstein Edition

Fan Feature Friday #27 - Frankenstein Edition

Welcome to Fan Feature Friday #27 - Frankenstein Edition! Constructed from corpses by the infamous Dr. Frankenstein and resurrected by curious machines, the Frankenstein Monster terrorized the countryside in search of vengeance.

The novel written by Mary Shelley in 1818 has long established itself as the first novel based on science fiction. Centuries after its creation, Frankenstein continues to horrify and thrill its readers and fans alike! Continue scrolling to see Frankenstein come to life through the eyes of Paul, Jesse, Jared, and Justin.

Name: Paul M.

Location: Warrington, Cheshire, England

Inspiration behind photo: "I was inspired by the surroundings. I was on holiday in The Cotswolds, England and shot this at Bourton Model Village where everything was perfect scale for 6 - 7" figures. I also wanted to show Frankies softer side. πŸ˜†"

Name: Jesse M.

Location: Rochester, New York

Inspiration behind photo: "I took this photo in my second year of Toy Photography. I remember chatting with a family member about about our love for Frankenstein and the whole Universal Monsters so I got bit by the bug to shoot Frank. I shot him in the first diorama I ever made, which was 2 walls, a ground and an archway. Added two cheap Skeletons I found as props and just wanted to have some fun!"

Name: Jared L.

Location: Los Angeles

Inspiration behind photo: "I grew up watching old black and white monster movies as a child. Frankenstein was always one of my favorites, blending horror and science. I’ve always wanted to recreate the 'It’s Alive' moment."

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The Classic Monster

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Name: Justin S.

Location: Pennsylvania

Inspiration behind photo: "My inspiration for this shot was from The Dark Universe. Since it’s October I figured it would be the perfect time to take a shot of good old Frank. Therefore, I wanted to do simple shot of Frankenstein opening the castle door with a nice black and white tone just like the classic films."

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