Fan Feature Friday #3

Fan Feature Friday #3

Last week we asked you to nominate your favorite photographers for Fan Feature Friday. Thank you for those who commented and tagged their fellow Mezconians- we discovered some awesome talent!

This week we bring you Anthony, Spencer, and David. Continue reading below for insight into these awesome artists.

Name: Anthony P.

Location: Jackson, NJ

Inspiration behind photo: The inspiration behind this shot came from @sgtbananas, the work he does with practical effects blows my mind and I wanted to try it and give it my own twist. Without photographers like him in the community I don't think I would even try to push myself the way I do.

Name: Spencer W.

Location: Salt Lake City, UT

Inspiration behind photo: I wanted to create a simple portrait to showcase Darkseid, which is one of my favorite figures. I wanted to show off the amazing sculpt, light up feature, to show Darkseid’s menacing look. For this shot I used my computer screen as the background, and several colored LED lights to add some color and highlight the figure.

Name: David S.

Location: Brazil

Inspiration behind photo: It was actually a test. I was presented with a birthday camera for my girlfriend and soon I went to photograph my favorite Batman figure, which is composed with the Tactical Body and a Sovereign Head! I was extremely surprised to see that I would be one of the highlights, and once again I thank you for that. I am happy to contribute with this photo and represent the legion of fans of this beloved line.

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