Fan Feature Friday #30 - Friday The 13th Edition

Fan Feature Friday #30 - Friday The 13th Edition

It would not be Fan Feature Friday (the 13th) without Jason Voorhees! Our most feared serial killer is back and more frightening than ever. Keep on scrolling to see our fans slash, smack, and hack their way through this week's photos. Lastly, let us know how you'll be celebrating Friday the 13th this year in the comments.

Name: David G.

Location: Quintana Roo, Mexico

Inspiration behind the photo: " I am a horror lover in general and therefore I wanted to give a bloody touch to the photo with the severed head and the red colors characteristic of a murderer like Jason Voorhees."

Name: Chandler H.

Location: Menifee, California

Inspiration behind the photo: "The inspiration for this shot came from my love of the Friday the 13th series and my love for this figure. In my photos, I combine my love of toys, horror, and photography to create something chilling. For this shot I wanted to capture Jason as he trudges through the woods on the hunt for his next victim. As he stalks his prey he hears his mother's voice echo in his head, 'ki ki ki... ma ma ma.' "

Name: Pat C.

Location: Ferrum, VA

Inspiration behind the photo: "I have been a fan of Friday the 13th ever since I was very young. I always loved it when there was a POV shot of Jason stalking his victims. I wanted to show this from a different perspective, as if we were witnessing something we shouldn't be seeing. "

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