Fan Feature Friday #33 - Hellboy Edition

Fan Feature Friday #33 - Hellboy Edition

Despite his demonic origins, Hellboy is a well-meaning superhero with a sharp wit and a nuanced backstory. Even in his attempts  to appear and behave more like a human, his large and strong presence make him an undeniably unique presence.

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Name: Ryan P.

Location: Atlanta, GA

Inspiration behind the photo: "Hellboy has been one of my favorite characters for years. His blunt honesty, humor, and stoicism have definitely helped shaped my personality. Especially dealing with holiday shoppers at this time in my line of work. In a way, Hellboy can be Krampus, right? So thank you to the Karen who inspired this “taking care of the naughty list” photo 😁."

Name: Anthony H.

Location: Azusa, California

Inspiration behind the photo: "I genuinely loved taking pictures of this Hellboy figure. In my opinion this is one of the best Mezco figures of 2020. The likeness, the accessories and the detail of the sculpt and paint are gorgeous. I'm very much looking forward to the PX version."

Name: Chris N.

Location: Aliso Viejo, California

Inspiration behind the photo: "My inspiration for this photo comes from Hellboy looking over and protecting his most cherished possession...which in this case is his Mez-itz collection. Lastly, I would like to thank my friend Ce, she has been an inspiration in my life this past year and is the reason I started toy photography."

Name: Jonathan

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Inspiration behind the photo: "This badass figure itself is all the inspiration I needed, Hellboy plus big guns- no brainer. Pose and shoot!"

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