Fan Feature Friday #35 - Legendary Ladies Edition

Fan Feature Friday #35 - Legendary Ladies Edition

Welcome to Fan Feature Friday - Legendary Ladies Edition. 💪

These ladies kick ass and represent power, grace, and beauty (and sometimes unpredictability). The heroes and anti-heroes showcased this week are some of the most influential characters within the DC Universe and pop culture. Keep scrolling to see Jigger, Tham, and Lewis bring our One:12 figures to life.

Name: Jigger G

Location: Philippines

Inspiration behind the photo: “Harley Quinn has always been obsessed with the Joker. And being affected by "2020" with all the quarantines and the lock downs, all she could do is look outside the window and wish for a better and brighter tomorrow. A tomorrow where she could be with Mista J once again.”

Name: Tham Y.

Location: Taiping, Perak, Malaysia

Inspiration behind the photo: “The inspiration behind this shot is of course from the movie itself. I wanted to shoot Wonder Woman in a moment of pause before she confronts the lurking danger awaiting her. Hence, the amber lighting on her left is a signal of an evil force that she is about to face.”

Name: Lewis M.

Location: Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

Inspiration behind the photo: “Catwoman’s complicated, morally ambiguous character has always fascinated me and the One:12 collective figure captures her perfectly. The figure’s sleek and simple design contrasts beautifully against the grimy Gotham city backgrounds I use for photography and really helps ensure the focus of the photos is on Catwoman. Posing is hugely important for me and I wanted to capture her confident, cat-like walk in this image.”

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