Fan Feature Friday #36 - Gomez of Death Edition

Fan Feature Friday #36 - Gomez of Death Edition

Welcome to the first Fan Feature Friday of 2021! This week, we're giving the spotlight to the roach with the most - Gomez of Death!

As usual, our favorite favorite inspecta-sapien of mystery is kickin' ass and takin' names (and hearts...literally). Keep scrolling to see some incredible shots from Juan, Eddie, and Niels.

Name: Eddie

Location: Pennsylvania, US

Inspiration: "My Mother. At 81 years old, she’s still sweatin’ to the Oldies like it’s 1986. With Gomez wearing the yellow 70’s track suit and Richard Simmons burned into my brain, I thought it a fun combo for some silly photos. Photographing my toys has given me so much more enjoyment from them. "

Name: Juan

Location: Chicago, IL

Inspiration: "I wanted to take advantage of the heads and heart accessories here. I'm also a huge fan of Bruce Lee and Kill Bill movies - naturally, this figure was made to kick butt. Did a couple lighting tricks and some editing to achieve effect I was looking for."

Name: Niels

Location: Tilburg, NL

Inspiration: "I wanted to create a picture of Gomez vs an army of pink skulls. I used some weapons from the bakers dozen to suround Gomez with 8 Pink skulls because I only own 3 of them I had to take multiple images to eventually blend them all together in Photoshop. I love the Gomezverse that mezcotoyz created and Im excited to see what it will bring in the near future."

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