Fan Feature Friday #37 - Rumble Society Edition

Fan Feature Friday #37 - Rumble Society Edition

New year, new challengers! The Rumble Society is only gettin’ bigger in 2021...all aboard the hype train!

While we wait to see who’s brave enough to join the lineup, let’s take a look back at some familiar faces while they’re still in one piece...

Keep scrollin’ to see what Jordan, Eric, and Dizzy had to say about this week’s Fan Feature Friday.

Name: Jordan

Location: Philippines

Inspriation: The inspiration behind this photo is how the Doc Nocturnal overall looks like, he's got these retro and steampunk vibe and as a fan of steampunk and cyberpunk, I incorporated both styles in one photo creating a style and vibe the way I imagined it. Throwing up my custom victorian semi tower base with Doc Nocturnal, and my rgb lights in the shot making it more like he's in the right environment. I love how it turned out and I love having figures like these.

Name: Eric

Location: Washington, US

Inspiration: Baron Bends is one of my favorite figures in my collection. The ocean is one of the most exciting mysteries on earth. We haven’t explored most of it so it’s like having Outer Space just miles away. I feel this mystery and excitement every time I photograph my Baron Bends figure. There’s something ominous and stern about his demeanor, like something out of an old Jack Kirby comic. Looking at him from one angle encapsulates desolation; from another angle he looks like he has steadfast determination. I love his versatility and that’s why he’s so cool.

Name: Dizzy

Location: Washington, US

Inspriation: The inspiration behind this shot was I initially wanted to have them fighting over the last sip of their drink but due to how rough 2020 was, I didn’t want to portray a negative image. So, I decided to switch things up and go with a more classic, civil way to settle disputes. Rock, Paper, Scissors!

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