Fan Feature Friday #38 - Marvel Heroes Edition

Fan Feature Friday #38 - Marvel Heroes Edition

Multiple dimensions, hundreds of planets, and numerous timelines are only a fraction of what the Marvel Universe has to offer. From radioactive spiders to Egyptian Gods, the superpowers and abilities of these heroes know no bounds!

This week, we're taking a look at the heroes (or anti-heroes) of the Marvel Universe through the eyes of George, Alvin, and Novan.

Name: George
Location: Pennsylvania, US
Inspiration: I wanted to experiment with some new RBG lighting I had just picked up and immiedately thought of Moon Knight. His white outfit reflects light quite nicely so I chose opposing colors as a metaphor for his split personality.

Name: Alvin
Location: Singapore
Inspiration: I was searching for some Spider-Man photos and saw one from Spider-Man 3 featuring Tobey Maguire in his symbiote suit. I have an office diorama from @crashboxcustoms which served well as reflective glass from a skyscraper and tried setting up the shot. It wasn’t easy as Spidey kept falling off the flight stand and getting the mirror image was also a challenge. But it was fun doing it because both figures have the same articulation. I did this shot because I think some of us have always have fleeting glances of our own darker selves and struggled against doing what we like as opposed to what is right. It’s the same for Spidey here.

Name: Novan
Location: Indonesia
Inspriation: The idea behind this is Frank was in the aftermath of a fight and there was a blue and red light all around indicating the cops already there 😁. And I just want to highlight the beaten headsculpt too.

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